When it comes to buying a FORKLIFT and more than 20 years of experience, the International Handling Group is the right place for you. Many forklift dealers do not serve the FORKLIFT purchase sector because there is not enough space on the one hand and special knowledge is required on the other. IHG - International Handling Group specializes in the purchase and sale of used FORKLIFTS and warehouse equipment.

With us you have a partner at your side who has years of experience and who is sure to make you a fair offer. We are looking for used FORKLIFTS and industrial trucks on a daily basis in order to be able to meet inquiries from all over Europe. Offer us your used FORKLIFT or your used warehouse technology vehicle. Among other things, we buy:
  • FORKLIFT up to 1.0 t. and over 50.0 t. (Diesel, propellant gas, gas, electric)
  • STORAGE TECHNOLOGY (pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers)
  • Reach truck
  • Rough terrain forklifts
We have made the FORKLIFT purchase easy for you. Simply fill out the data sheet online and we will send you an individual offer, tailor-made for your FORKLIFT.

We need the vehicle data from you, the technical details, the dimensions and information on the overall height, further information on special equipment, attachments, asking price and submission date as well as your personal data.

Please also send a photo to the email address provided. As soon as we have received your request, we will usually contact you within 24 hours and send you our offer for your used FORKLIFT. Please understand that we can only answer serious and properly completed inquiries.

Professional partner for the FORKLIFT purchase IHG - International Handling Group is your professional partner for forklifts purchase. Perhaps you have already had experience in the forklift purchase area and were anything but satisfied. We know the market very well and also know about the negative sides. Bad prices, dubious offers and other annoyances from unprofessional dealers make buying forklifts difficult.

With IHG - International Handling Group you have a renowned dealer for conveyor technology at your side. After submitting all the necessary information, we will prepare a free analysis for your FORKLIFT or your commercial vehicle and determine the market price. Of course, we can negotiate the price proposal made to you.

It is very important to us that the purchase via IHG - International Handling Group is transparent and fair. You can ask us about the exact transaction at any time.

FORKLIFT TRUCKS Purchase, sale - IHG - International Handling Group You will find IHG - International Handling Group in Waregem / Belgium and the warehouse at Diesveldstraat 6, 8570 Anzegem-Vichte / Belgium. Would you like to renew your fleet and have purchased new vehicles? You are welcome to offer us your old vehicle fleet for sale. We handle the FORKLIFT purchase quickly, safely and seriously. We guarantee you are many years of experience in the forklift purchase and sale, which we carry out throughout Europe. Of course, you can also decline our offer. By submitting our offer, you do not commit yourself to anything. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our FORKLIFT purchase.

Purchase of used FORKLIFT TRUCKS
Your used FORKLIFT has an engine failure or is it a vehicle involved in an accident? Depending on the size of the damage, we also buy these commercial vehicles. Talk to us and we will make you an individual offer.

Is your FORKLIFT in a rural area? No problem, we can also reach you there. We will be happy to explain again briefly how easy our purchase is: Fill out the online form.

If you would like to write us an email, please send it to: michiel.baert@ihgroup.be.